Generational Gold

Engage your family generations by showcasing meaningful heirlooms in your own metavault. By creating estate records displayed in a spatial vault with video and 3d objects, all ages of your family can interact directly with your family history ​​In collaboration with Family Archives Foundation, Archivista is building and delivering the next technology leap in generational knowledge – the Estate Metavault. The Generational Gold R&D program of the Family Archives Foundation seeks to advance the mission of protecting and promoting generational knowledge. Estate MetaVaults are web3 based digital representations of your home and filled with digital artifacts including “Gold Records”. Gold Records are a new kind of Estate Planning tool for significant sentimental assets – like an heirloom painting ​​For 2023, the Foundation is accepting 48 Research families into the Generational Gold Program. Working together with our Chief Archivist, curator and technical staff, your nominated family will experience our white glove service as we build the future of knowledge transfer through time. ​​

Specific workshops include:

  • Estate organization: inventory and identification of important items.
  • Workshops to curate Gold records: Provenance, preservation and meaning for heirlooms.
  • Workshop designing and capturing your digital twin Metavault.
  • Family reveal: unveil your family memorial and spatial archive.

Your result should include:

  • Digital Inventory Organizer.
  • FamilyArc Generational Library Archive for entire family.
  • Metavault Spatial Gallery customized for family.
  • (4) Gold Estate Records.
  1. Smart contract with fractional rights and tokens.
  2. Displayed in your interactive encrypted Metavault.