Digital Estate

Archivista Certified Records are verified and encrypted data capsules. ​Eternalized using web3 technology and human validation, ​Archivista Records provide immutable truth.

Use for estate planning, art and collections, audits, and personal archives.  ​Archivista Certified Records are digital assets you own.

How the Archivista Certified Records Path work

Records Archive

Digital Records Repository


Designing Records


Mint Digital Assets from Records

Toolset used for the storing, sharing and recording of the Archivista Records


Key Storage and Mangement.

Record Page

Digital Asset full Record.

Vault Gallery

Asset Display in Spatial Render.

Redemption Center

Redeem conditional tokens.


Since approximately the year 2000 our personal data moved from paper to digital files. ​With mass adoption of smart phones after 2008, most of our photos and communications went fully digital. ​ Estate Planning in still in the 20th Century.

Problems we are solving

• Evolving estate planning into web3 trust systems​
• Prevent family probate entanglements
​• Digital estate preservation ​
• Unlock value - turn heirlooms into assets​
• Your intentions and Instructions for your digital assets
​• Avoid inheritance conflicts - #1 cause of adult sibling rivalry
​• Transfer values represented in your family heirlooms. ​

35% of American adults say they have personally experienced family conflict (or know someone who has) as a result of not having an estate plan or will in place.

Archivista Solutions

We have about 25 years of Personal Digital Data Files, vital records, photos, email, messages, and social data​ this is your personal dataset making up your Digital Estate.  ​

Archivista is Digital Estate Automation.

Digital Estate Smart Contracts for Trusts, Wills, and Precatory Memos​

Goal is self-service Smart Contract Tokenization for any asset, digital and physical.

Technically, Archivista’s Digital Estate platform will create a Smart Contract on our archival blockchain with paired asset and redemption tokens.​

Use Case: Gold Records

Why Archivista?

We believe that understanding the patterns of your past provide insight.​ Insight through data science pattern analysis can lead to resilient relations.​​Leveraging web3 blockchain and actuarial machine learning, we have applied the formula, Personal Dataset > Archive Index > Pattern Analysis,​ to evolving estate planning.​

About Archivista