About Us
Archivista is a technology company specializing in Digital Estate Automation
We have a rich history and passion for preserving family legacies.  Our mission has now evolved into helping families build and memorialize their overall Digital Estate, providing   the know-how and technology to do so.  

Using web3 technology and human validation, our verified and encrypted Eternal Vaults provide immutable truth, ensuring the digital assets that make up your Digital Estate remain in perpetuity.  

Our founder has been at the forefront of introducing new technology for over three decades, providing a wide range of solutions in the cloud-computing, asset management, financial and archival sectors.

At Archivista, our track record for providing exceptional support and service to our customers is contained in the facts.  Over 7.5 million family artifacts and stories are digitally preserved. We're now dedicated to helping many more families with our Digital Estate expertise creating independent digital assets with encryption and dynamic access options.
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