Products and Services

Archivista offers a range of products and services are designed to help families preserve their legacies and comprehensive Digital Estates eternally.

Eternal Drive

Think of time capsules for data assets. This is a major advancement in preserving and protecting your files and documents. Servers featuring geo-redundant safety nets remain important, but your most sensitive information requires a higher level of protection and that begins with you owning instead of renting from big tech, cloud-based solutions.

Eternal Records

Immutable and encrypted data capsules that provide families the ability to digitally store everything from estate documents and intent videos to legacy stories, collections, heirlooms, agreements, wills, signed contracts, copyright and inventions, among other assets.

Eternal Gallery

Digitized and personalized spatial galleries.  With optimum security via digital access protocols, Eternal Galleries provide an immersive digital experience that's designed to showcase and celebrate family legacies.  Whether you want to create a digital family museum or a display gallery, we have the solution.

Archivista AI Labs (Available in the near future)

Generated Digital Representations of you and your loved ones to create personalized stories for your family.

Benefits of using Archivista

Top-tier security for your Digital Estate:

Immutable and encrypted Eternal Vaults, providing an unwavering security to protect your family's essentials from unauthorized access or tampering.

Customizable Galleries:

Eternal Galleries customized to meet your specific needs assure cross-generation appeal, whether you want to create a family legacy museum or a display gallery for your Digital Estate.

Access Management:

Our Records Page making it easy to consolidate and access all your digital assets in one place, providing a convenient way to view and share.

Guided Programs:

Tried and true guided programs to help you find the best path to creating the most importantEternal Records for your family legacy and by extension, Digital Estate, ensuring you don't miss any critical details.

Future-Proof Your Status:

Utilizing Archivista's premium on-demand services like of Eternal Vaults provides you and your family the option to participate in our development lab. Experience the future with us like avatar digital representations of loved ones - a compelling way to share a legacy.